Need a feature we haven't implemented?

Customizing may be your answer.

We will customize any of our products for a mutually agreed fee.

Customizing puts you in control of our product behavior and scheduling.

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  • What is customizing?
    • Customizing is development of a feature tailored specifically for your needs or accelerated development of an already planned feature 
      • You get precisely the features you need
      • You get quicker feature availability
    • Customization may consist of any or all of:
      • Creating custom methods for existing classes
      • Customizing existing methods with new options or features
      • New embed points
      • New classes
      • New templates
  • What does it cost?
    • Fees are negotiable on a project basis
    • Reflecting our ownership position, our customizing fees are generally substantially below our consulting fees, typically less than half our consulting rate
  • Get Started
    1. Contact us
    2. A specification is agreed upon
    3. A fixed fee and a schedule for deliverables is agreed upon
    4. You pay us 1/3 of the agreed fee
    5. We begin work
    6. At an agreed midpoint, you pay us an additional 1/3
    7. Upon project completion:
      • You pay us the final third of our fee
      • The customized code becomes part of our product
      • We retain ownership, and all rights of copyright, including licensing rights
      • You receive a permanent usage license of the entire product- a product that has been customized to your requirements