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Reinventing The Tree

Looking for something different? The most unique addition to your tool set this or any other year is here.

HyperBrowZe™ introduces a new paradigm for the presentation and management of hierarchical data in a relational database.

A HyperBrowZe procedure has some of the properties of a relational tree browse, such as our popular product UltraTree™.  However, with HyperBrowZe, when you click the familiar tree "expand" icon, you see the child records displayed in a completely different browse instead of being indented in the same browse.

All browses are in the same procedure.  Each browse is a standard Clarion ABC browse, extended by addition of the ability to explore the database in a way that is natural to anyone familial with the the relational tree paradigm.

Simple navigation is provided for jumping back to any higher level from any depth. 

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