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Why UltraTree?

  • A: Users love trees
    The relational tree format is a big favorite with end users because trees are so simple to use and trees make data relationships so easy to understand.
  • B: Management loves productivity
    • Flatter apps increase productivity

      Is there anybody who really likes navigating a maze of nested browse procedures?  We haven't met one yet.  Data insertion using a tree format is so much quicker and easier compared to the nested browse paradigm:
      1. Navigate to a row
      2. Click the expand box - related records appear
      3. Click insert - a form appears with database linkage already set up
  • (A + B) = Revenue
    • Greater end user productivity = happier management = more money in your pocket
    • Simpler apps = less training = more money in your pocket

OK - trees are great, but why UltraTree?

A relational tree comes with Clarion. Why do I need another one?

In a word: Features

No other tool can do the things UltraTree does. 

Use UltraTree once, and you will use it in every application.

With UltraTree, you become a tree virtuoso. Just about anything a list box can do, UltraTree does it.  

At long last you can replace that bewildering nest of linked browses with one full-featured browse that displays database relationships in a way end users naturally comprehend, using one list and one set of controls. 

From the very first day you use it, UltraTree will become one of the most frequently used tools in your kit. Since version 1 appeared in 1996, the first choice for either novice or expert has been UltraTree. 

It doesn't get any better than this.

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