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Why HyperBrowZe

The relational tree paradigm is extremely popular with end users. Our flagship UltraTree product is extremeley popular as the last word in that realm. But, there are situations that can prove problematical. Relational trees are fully loaded queues and sometimes the number of records to handle can overwhelm the tree. Our UltraTree product has a paging feature that eliminates this issue for the root section. UltraTree also has multicolumn support and a host of features that are not usually associated with trees.

However, every tool has its limitations. 

Paging the top level doesn't help if lower level related record sets are overwhelmingly huge.  Standard browses also come in handy in a few other situations. 

Still: Linked browses take up a lot of real estate.

This is where HyperBrowZe comes in.

To see HyperBrowZe in action, check out the demo.

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